Telemundo Challenge 1: “Fast Video”

In recent years, stories formerly told through articles or slideshow galleries have evolved into video stories with images/footage and text overlay. In an industry where mobile usage and video consumption are constantly in high demand, we’ve identified a very serious need to be able to crank out much bigger amounts of this fast-paced video to better serve our audience.

Your challenge is to build a proprietary ‘fast video’ tool that would allow us to A) Turn existing articles and galleries into videos, B) Create new video stories fast (around 1 hour soup to nuts) and C) Leverage the wealth of the NBCUniversal library of content (from news feeds to sister networks show footage) as well as paid photo/video providers such as Getty Images, as well as images and video posted on social media (by celebrities, for example). Language to be taken into consideration here – Telemundo is predominantly Spanish, though the tool should also be able to read English.

Telemundo Challenge 2: Keep Me Updated

The challenge is to develop an automated process that will allow us to feed users with specific updates on content they might be interested through platforms like Facebook messenger and Telegram.  Taking the kidnaping of the Chapo’s son as an example, if a user wants to receive an update of the story on his phone, they will receive updates on this story until they or we consider the topic closed. The challenge is to build this for specific topics that might have a short duration instead of using this as another outlet for potential spam that might keep users away. Language to be taken into consideration here – Telemundo is predominantly Spanish, though updates should also be available in English.

Telemundo Challenge 3: Rich Metadata Automation

Telemundo, the second largest Spanish language content creator in the world, has tons of library content from scripted novelas, non-scripted reality shows, music performances to news and sports content in audio-visual format. We’d like to provide our users with a more robust search with our content and super fans more information regarding the characters or scenes; however, capturing metadata manually requires a lot of manpower and resources, plus it’s very time consuming. Telemundo challenges you to use A.I. to automate rich metadata capturing to enhance our viewers’ experience with Telemundo content.

GolfNow Challenge 4: Deliver GolfNow to a New Generation of Potential Golfers!

Golf Channel’s GolfNow brand provides golfers access to great tee time deals at over 6,000 courses worldwide. Your challenge is to make these tee times more visible and directly accessible to the millions of potential golfers who have yet to discover these savings though existing channels. Take advantage of the GolfNow API in concert with new technologies and enhanced social platforms to enable greater personalization, sharing, interactivity and richer ecommerce experiences that open up the game of golf for those who once thought it was out of reach. Go Play!

NBCNews Challenge 5: TBD
Business Partners
Technology Partners
Saturday, October 22nd

8:30am – Check-in

10:00am – Kickoff

10:30am – Technology Partner Announcements

11:00am – Idea Pitches and Team formation

11:30am – Lunch

12:00pm – Hacking begins!

6:00pm – Dinner

12:00am – Midnight snacks

Sunday, October 23rd

8:00am – Breakfast

9:00am – Project Presentation Workshop

12:00pm – Hacking ends!/Lunch

1:00pm – Demos and Judging

5:00pm – 7:00pm – Reception/Winners Announced

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